Now, What the Heck Do I Post?

Okay, so you have decided which Social Media platform is for you, now what the heck are you going to post?

Finding your voice:

First and foremost, you should determine your voice or tone. A consistent brand voice will make you memorable and easily identifiable amongst the masses. Are you fun, serious, educational, personal or professional? Whichever you may be will influence what you post. The use of consistent fonts, colours, filters on photos etc. is another way to identify yourself. This consistency shows care and dedication to your brand and this in turn sends a positive message to your audience.

Consistent colours, font, photo styles help identify you to your audience

ABC’s of Posting

Congratulations you have found your voice, now for the fun part, content creation! Here are six of the most popular content sources used in Social Media.


Social Media is a visual world. Beautifully shot images are great, however photos of your customers, or behind the scene snaps with employees can be just as powerful. An image that “catches their eye”, makes them pause for a moment and engage with a comment is what you want. Looking at your insights will help determine what is making people slow down and say hi.


A simple infographic, that is relevant to your business or organization is a great way to engage and inform. Infographics can be simple, bright and still pack a lot of information. A quick shot of information for a fast paced world, that hopefully will make your audience stop and reach out.


Posting a quote that means something to you is a wonderful way to engage with your audience. It lets them learn something a little more about you. It allows for a more personal detail, something that makes them feel more connected with you. A connected audience is one that is more apt to return.

Polls & Questions:

Who doesn’t love to give their opinion? Asking “what do you want to see?”, “what do you want to learn about?”, or even “what flavour ice cream should we carry?”, not only engages people at that moment, but the answers they give provides the ground work for future posts.


Videos such as interviews with customers, behind the scenes with staff or “how-to” lessons, are all ways that you can show your audience who you are. Taking clues from comments and those Polls you ran, you can easily curate content to share via video. Whether Instagram Stories, Facebook Live or YouTube Tutorials, videos are a great way to spread your message

have phone, shoot video, easy as that


No, we did not forget the written word. Text on Social Media should be relatively short and sweet, just engaging enough to get folks to comment or to “click the link” for more. Leave the lengthy text for your newsletters or blog posts (hi!), your social media posts are hopefully driving them there.

Now you know your ABC’s, you can start sharing interesting and eye-catching posts. Still unsure where to start, click here to receive our “30 Simple Social Media Posts” to help get you started.

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