A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Followers

It should come as no surprise to read that social media is very visual. Sharp photos and graphics are used to try and catch the eye of millions of people surfing Facebook, Instagram and the like every day. Images that show who and what you are in the hopes that people will stop and take notice, click on that link and engage are an essential part of your social media strategy.

choosing the right photo can make people stop and take notice

Say Cheese

Whether you use your trusty camera or smartphone, taking your own photos allows you to share a more personal story with your audience. Sharing how you see the world with your own eyes, images that resonate with you, in the hopes that they inspire, give joy or evoke a discussion, is a wonderful way to engage with your followers.

The beauty of the digital age is that you are able to take numerous shots without the fear of running out of film. The more snaps you take, the more practice you get playing with lighting, angles, composition. The more you practice, the less time it will take to get the images you desire, you may even find yourself starting to enjoy the process.

Get The Red Eye Out

Even if you don’t consider yourself an ace photographer, there are ways to still be able to use your own shot. Editing tools on your phone and within platforms, such as cropping, filters and grids can be a tremendous help. There is no harm in using tools to help you tweak your photo to create the image you want to share with your followers and hopefully attract new ones.

As well as the tools on your phone, there are many photo editing programs, such as Photoshopand CorelDraw. These programs are another way that you can enhance your photos, in an even greater capacity than what your phone can do. If used properly they can take your photo to a whole new level, just be sure you don’t stray from your brands tone.

Stock Photos

If you don’t have the time, equipment or inclination to take your own photos, there is always the option of using stock photos. There are a number of photo sharing sites where you can find images of everything from seniors riding bikes to pineapples wearing sunglasses. The ability to simply choose the ideal photo from a library can make creating content that much less stressful, and maybe even a bit more fun. I mean how is a pineapple wearing sunglasses not fun?  These sites will have a selection of both royalty free or licensed photos with the option to pay for their use, always make sure you pay for those images that require it.

old school, new school or stock photos what’s your preference?

Picture Perfect

Just remember you don’t have to be a wiz with a camera to fill your pages with amazing photos. If you see something that makes you stop and go “wow” or “thats exactly what I want to share” take a snap, or two or 20. Chances are you will get one you like, or are able to play with using filters and cropping to get it just so. And if that doesn’t work, use keywords to search for the perfect stock photo and share the work of others. Getting that perfect photo for your page can be pretty simple after all.

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