Inspiring Minds Want to Know

Today I am going rogue, deviating from our content calendar (yes, we use a content calendar and you should be too, but we’ll cover that another day). Hopefully my boss won’t mind too much or else I will be pulling an all-nighter writing a post on “engagement”

6:30am and allll the coffee

So, what inspired me to veer off course? Well, inspiration itself. Inspiration that filled my soul after spending the day with 30+ amazing entrepreneurs at BBlink 2019. A day listening to inspiring people share their stories, and who were genuinely interested in hearing ours. Inspiration that had me up at 6:30am on a Sunday because my brain wouldn’t stop thinking about how to write this post.

There are many things that can inspire you; watching your boss give her first keynote speech and nailing it or attending a VIP mixer and realizing that you need to paint your office that exact shade of navy blue. Inspiration is all around us, sometimes we don’t even know we are being affected until someone points it out.

“Okay, Lynn, I get it you had a great weekend, now what does this have to do with social media? How can this be tied into “tips and tricks” for helping me grow my audience, increase my sales, accumulate more donations for my charity?”

Whether you run a B&B, make organic cotton undies, or create whimsical jewellery you sell on Etsy, you have a story. That story is essentially the basis of your brand. Your brand not only represents your products, or place, but is a reflection of you. You, yes you, are intrinsically tied to your brand, and the things that shape who you are, in turn, shape your brand.

“Okay so yes, I am my own brand Lynn, I get it, but again what does this have to do with my social media accounts?”

Somewhere within your story, is a spark of inspiration or realization. If you are feeling stuck for content to post, go back and look at what that spark was and share it with your audience. Tell them about the spur of the moment trip out East that lead to a permanent move and opening that B&B. Share the quote that inspired you to start a support group. Post the photo of yourself as a kid washing your bike that led to your own bike shop. How you got to where you are, that source of inspiration, is content just waiting to be written.

Content can be as simple as that

Sharing your story, the reason you do what you do, is not only going to endear you even more to those that have already invested in your brand, but can also pique the interest of others who share similar stories, or are inspired by the same things. Share the emotion, the “why” behind what you do, behind your brand. It may just be what someone else is needing to see or read at that moment, and maybe even create a spark for them.


Upcoming Workshop

Are you a small business or organization thinking about joining Instagram? Do you already have an Instagram account and are just stuck as to what to do with it?

Simple Local Social presents Instagram 101, being held May 2nd in Bridgewater. A workshop highlighting the why’s and how’s of Instagram, and may be just what you need to grow your following and reach your audience.


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