On April 30th Facebook Corporate announced a number of changes to its platforms. Though some updates sound interesting, like an improved Instagram camera or a desktop app for Messenger, we are going to focus on a couple Facebook changes, to Groups and Events, that may affect how you develop your social media marketing plan.

It’s All About Community

Groups are where real conversations happen, where people are more apt to pose those hard to ask questions. There is a sense of anonymity yet belonging at the same time, all within a group of people from literally around the world. With this thinking in mind, Facebook is putting groups front and centre on your home page.

Some of the changes include:

  • Newsfeed like structure in the groups tab
  • Easier to obtain relevant recommendations for other groups
  • Share content directly to groups

The “newsfeed” structure of the group page will make it easier for your followers to see your posts and conversations happening within the group. New group recommendations will help highlight your group to those who share a common interest, but maybe hadn’t seen you before. For me personally, I am most excited about the ability to share directly to groups. No more rigmarole in order to share articles, memes or the perfect GIF to your group. This also means that your group members can more readily share your posts with other groups that they belong to.

For those who already utilize groups for your business, these changes are only going to enhance what you have already been doing. For those of you who have been thinking about starting a group, now is the time. Groups are not going anywhere, and the fact that FB is putting them front and centre, will entice more people to check out what what they may be missing out on.

Coming Attractions

As with groups, Facebook is placing more focus on Events with a dedicated Events tab.

One of the existing benefits of creating an official Facebook Event, is that as soon as someone clicks the “interested” button, they are reminded of the event periodically up until the day it happens. The Event is doing the reminding for you. The creation of an Events tab, gives users a place to see what is happening around them, other events similar to those they are already attending, introduce them to new businesses and allow friends to coordinate in order to attend together.

We are often afraid of change, we worry about how it is going to affect us and our business. However, change can be good, and can be something we didn’t even know we needed. The new focus on Groups and Events within Facebook, I think, in the end will make it that much more simple for a new audience to find you, and that is never a bad thing is it?

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