On Your Mark…..

A Sluggish Start

It’s easy to start feeling frustrated when your “sure fire” posts seem to be firing blanks. When those posts that you thought were going to be “engagement gold”, are just sitting there collecting dust. It’s easy to want to scrap everything and start all over again. Try to remember though, that there are few who get things perfect the first time out. Every successful social media account has gone through this phase of “huh, I thought that was going to be a hit”. Yes, there will be probably be little adjustments for you to make along the way, but there is no need to go back to the starting line. Think of it like this, social media is a marathon, not a sprint.

The Crowd

It is also easy to get caught up in numbers. How many followers, how many likes, how many shares etc. These insights are great and they serve a purpose, however make sure you don’t start to obsess over them. This is when a lot of people panic and start to stray from their plan, from their brand, in a hurried attempt to reach more people. Trying too many different things, in an effort to attract the attention of the masses, does not necessarily mean more followers, in fact it may even cause you to lose some that you already have.

The Cheering Section

While yes, there is something to be said about a large following, it looks good on paper, there is also something to be said about quality over quantity. Is it maybe better to have 300 truly engaged followers, than 3000 who are just hanging around, hoping you will follow them back. A smaller audience, one who truly believes in you and your brand can be the best ambassadors you could ask for. Make sure you are staying true to those who have been with you since the first post, while you are tweaking things in the hopes of reaching those that may have missed seeing you.

Making it to Mile 26

You’ve got this, believe in yourself. Keep the pace, keep posting, replenish when you need it. Seek advice, ask the opinion of those you trust, even the opinion of your steadfast followers. They are already with you, find out why, what else they may be looking for.

Still feel like you need some help making it to the next mile marker, let Simple Local Social help with a consultation or training in “new to you” areas like Instagram Stories or FaceBook Live, we are here to help make social simple, and to help you run a smooth race. Looking for new life within your website, check out our friends MightyWeeWebsites, they may be just what you need.

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