The Host with the Most

For anyone who has ever organized an event, be it a 20-person lecture or a 200+ person festival, with the amount of work you put into it, you want to make sure you do everything you can to get it noticed.


You may remember a while back we had a look at some of the changes that Facebook was making. Part of their focus was on Events, how we see them and how we find them. Creating a Facebook Event, has many benefits whether it is a one off product launch, or weekly yoga classes on the dock. When you create a Facebook Event a number of things happen:

  • Appears in your follower’s news feeds
  • Can be found in the searches of those looking for something to do in the area
  • A tangible “object” that can be easily shared by others to their friends, groups etc.
  • Once someone clicks “interested” or “going” they get reminders.

It may seem like a time consuming job, especially for recurring events, however, the more often an Event is “seen”, the more likely it will be remembered and by more people.

Jumping on the bandwagon

What’s that? A Country Music Festival happening in your town? If it works for you and your brand, this could be a great opportunity for you to hitch yourself to the bandwagon, and become one with the festival. Someone else has done all the ground work for you, they have made it so that the people are heading your way, all you have to do is get their attention and your social media accounts are set up to do just that.

Embrace the #hashtags of the event, follow the event on all social media channels, tag the bands, the sponsors and organizers, you never know who might walk through your door. Bake those cowboy themed cupcakes, show them off on Instagram and become the unofficial bakery of the festival. Host that country themed afternoon paint party, share Facebook Live videos and become the place to be when the bands aren’t on stage.

Build your events around the big ones already taking place.

Don’t forget to take pictures

We’ve all done it. Hosted an event and thought “huh, I wish I had taken more pictures”. You have spent hours preparing for your events, don’t forget to show off their success. One way to make sure that your event gets the coverage it deserves is to let someone else look after it for you. Event Takeovers are one of many services that Simple Local Social offers. We love a party as much as the next person and would be happy to make sure yours gets the attention it deserves, it’s that simple.

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