Lights, Camera, Action

We have chatted previously about social media content and ideas about what you can post in order to engage your followers. Beautiful photos, inspiring quotes, amusing memes; the list goes on and on. We cannot talk about content though, without touching on the use of video, both live and pre-recorded. Speaking directly to and with your audience is becoming more popular across multiple platforms and deserves a closer look.

Roll Camera

When you think of video and social media, YouTube tends to come to mind first. YouTube is the granddaddy of the pre-recorded video post. It is home of hugely successful influencers with their own channels. Following in this success, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter all allow for video links to be embedded to pages/feeds and shared with followers.

However, societies growing need for immediacy has led to the introduction of “native video”. Native Videos are those that are uploaded directly to a platform, or created within the platform itself and play instantly within your followers feed. Think of the videos you create and share within Instagram, they just start playing. There is no need for clicking a link, opening another tab and pressing play. The result is a faster, cleaner and simpler user experience.

Coming to You Live from Studio B

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and the increasingly popular IGTV, have given us more ways to connect with our audience, and on an even more personal level. Whether a 10min long Facebook Live, 15 second InstaStory bursts or hour long IGTV episodes, these formats can give your followers a greater sense of being a part of your community. They are actually hanging out with you live, they are in real-time conversation with you, they get a truer sense of who you are in real life, and that will hopefully only endear them to you and your brand even more.

Pass the popcorn, we’re having a “Watch Party”.

In an effort to promote more active vs passive content consumption, Facebook has introduced the “Watch Party“. Watch Parties allow you to pick any public video on Facebook, your own or someone else’s, schedule a date and time, and watch it simultaneously with your followers. A dedicated comment reel to create a “shared viewing experience” brings you that much closer to being in the same room.

New ways of engaging with your audience can be that simple

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