Summertime and the Living is Easy…..

Summertime when long days and warm temperatures beckon you outside. We all tend to slow down just a little, take a little more time for ourselves and breathe. As you are sitting back and making your plans, you can also think about adjusting your social media a bit as well, even it wants to have some fun in the sun.

Switching gears

Sunny days replace Ipads and Netflix with trips to the beach, drinks on the patio and digging in the garden. As your habits change with the new season, you can be pretty sure that your followers are making some changes too. It’s a good idea to think about mixing up your posting schedule. Your morning viewers may be checking things on their lunch break as they enjoy the sunrise in the garden. Your dinner time followers could be a bit later hopping online as they linger just a little bit longer on the patio after dinner.  Play around a bit to see when your followers are online and schedule accordingly.

Embrace the spirit of Summer

Have some fun with your audience. Take polls on those pertinent summer debates like “Single or Double Scoop”, “Lake or Beach” or “Hike or Bike”? Ask those pressing questions such as “Favourite Drive In Double Feature” or “Best way to beat the heat”. Fill in the blank questions like “You know it’s summer when….” are great conversation starters and a fun way to connect your audience with you as well as other followers who share the same answers.

Refresh your look mixing some bright and cheery colours, playful fonts with your branded ones. Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are perfect for sharing your summer activities. Take your audience with you on your adventures, host and celebrate your summertime events or sales. Simple, summer images are another easy way to brighten someone’s feed, and can be used to asked those simple questions such as “what’s on your summer reading list?”.

It’s the summer, time to relax and have some fun, and to help you get outside that much sooner. To keep your summer social easy and breezy, Simple Local Social has curated 10 summer images for you. Happy summer, and remember social media can be that simple.

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