Shifting Gears…….

As we shift into a new season it could be the perfect time to shift gears in your social media as well.

That little voice whispering in your ear

Most of us slowed down a bit over the summer, taking some time to step away and renew our our little grey cells.  We tend to do a lot of our best thinking, when we are not thinking about things at all. Our minds are busy listening to the waves crash on the beach, deciding which vegetables to plant, or wondering why the kids are so quiet, that without knowing it, some great little ideas drift in at a time when you can actually sit back and go “you know, that is something I think I should try”

A fall refresher

September may just be the perfect time to try out those little ideas that have come to you. It could be as a simple as changing up some graphics, launching a new weekly post, or venturing into doing more live events than you usually do. No matter how big or small, if it was something that made you stop and go “huh”, why not give it a try. You have taken time to refresh yourself, so why not refresh your accounts and brand a little too?

Putting it into motion

Test out some of these new ideas, looks and get your accounts looking great, representing you and your brand exactly how you want them to. Re-introduce yourself to your audience, let them see what you have been up to over the summer. The last four months of the year get busy, and fast, so let’s make the changes, test the new concepts and roll into the busy season with a refreshed look and feel.

We are excited about the upcoming months and some new things we are hoping to add to our brand. If there is something you are wanting to try, but just not sure how to get going, let us know, we maybe able to help get the ball rolling. Check out our services page for all the that we offer. That’s us, helping make social simple.

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