It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is hard to believe that we are in already well into November with barely six weeks until Christmas. Our personal calendars will begin to fill up with all kinds of festivities with family, friends and co-workers. This is a great time to utilize your scheduling tools, to ensure that you can enjoy all that the season brings, and not have to worry too much about your social media.

To help you make the most of the holidays, to help you fill your social media calendar up, we have 10 Holiday Content Ideas for you. Just a little something to help make working during the holidays a little simpler.

10 Holiday Content Ideas for Social Media

Thank You

A simple thank you to your audience, contemporaries and customers, for following your story, purchasing your products, giving you their support over the year is a great way to engage.

Gift Gallery

Depending on your business, curated a gift gallery for your customers is a great way of showcasing what you have or do and how it may help them check off their wish lists. Create specific lists, like Top 5 gifts for kids, for the foodie or for the Techie. Help make finding what they are looking a little bit easier

Share a Favourite Holiday Memory or Story

Share that story about the time your Dad dressed up as Santa and you “caught him” outside climbing up to the roof. Ask your followers to share their stories and smile as you bond as a community.

Share a Tradition

Share a favourite family holiday tradition, ask your followers to share theirs. Maybe you will discover something new to do with your family and friends.

Hold a Photo Contest

Ask you customers to share photos of your them using what they have purchased from you and draw a winner from all those that are submitted. If you are not a retailer, how about sharing their “funniest holiday photos”, you start with posting yours of little cousin Timmy with his hand in the middle of that pumpkin pie.

Create a Seasonal Profile or Cover Image

Think of this as “decking the halls” of your page. Find that photo of you in a Santa hat or create a fun holiday collage using Canva or Adobe Spark to spruce up your banners.

Highlight a Charity

Help put the focus on a charity that is close to your heart. Give them the spotlight and show others the good work that they are doing. Ask your audience to do the same, you may discover some wonderful initiatives you didn’t know were out there.

Celebrate Your Employees (if you got em)

You may not have gotten where you are today without some helpers behind the scenes. Celebrate those that help make you and your business successful.

12 Days of Christmas

Offer a deal or special promotion over the 12 Days of Christmas. It will keep them coming back to see what is next.

End of Year Wrap Up

The online version of the “Family Christmas Newsletter”. Wrap up everything good, bad, expected and unexpected that happened over the year, maybe even share some of your future plans to entice your audience to keep coming back in the new year

We hope that these simple content ideas will help you fill your social media calendar and leave you with a bit more time to enjoy the holiday season

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