When Social Media met Social Distancing

Social Media has been a staple in our lives for a number of years now. It has been incredible watching it grow and change with the times and how people use it, respond to it and what they expect from it. With the appearance of COVID-19 and the practice of social distancing, social media has become even more valuable as a tool for up to date changes, requirements, information sharing and a place to “meet” with others to help cope with these uncertain times. We want to share some thoughts on how to navigate your pages when social media met social distancing.

Update Your Information

Now is the time for you to make sure all your information is up to date. Ensure that your hours of operation, location and contact information is current and easily accessible. People are anxious and on edge and if finding out your basic information

Promote Any Special Services and Offers

If your business is such that you are offering special services during this time, post the offer often, up date it when needed and make sure that you are cross sharing to appropriate community pages and groups.

Utilize the time to your advantage

Once you have binge watched all of Locke & Key on Netflix (I highly recommend it), why not use this extra time to stock up on your social media content. Sort through all those photos, start recording tips and tricks videos, work on that blog post you have been meaning to write. Schedule out the next few weeks posts, save yourself even more time in the long run. No time like the present to build that library of content you’ve been meaning to do.

Be Social – Engage with your audience

Most importantly engage with your audience. Share what you are doing, how you are making the most of such an unusual situation. Share the meme that made you laugh out loud, share the feel good story that made you smile from ear to ear. Ask them how they are doing, what they are doing to take care of themselves.

We are in this together

We are all in this together, all trying to navigate as best we can. Making sure we are sending out the right information and reminding our followers that we are here for them, may make it just a little more easier to handle. It’s as simple as that.

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