The Importance of Community in 2020

The sense of community has always been a major part of social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram et al. were initially created to bring people together “socially”, whether within the same town or across the globe. Long lost friends and relatives reconnecting, or strangers meeting in the shared space of their favourite author, brand or hobby, new communities were created. With the onset of COVID-19, social media community took on a whole other life, one that focused simultaneously on local and global needs, big and small, and highlighted the importance of community.

Community ; a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes and interests and goals. *Oxford Languages

We have talked about the importance of community, and ways to engage with and grow them. From hosting Q & A sessions and photos contests to ensuring quick replies to questions and concerns. We have also talked about how your business needs to interact with others in social media communities.

Your connections with other business, charitable organizations, local governments etc. is a reflection of who you are, and becomes a part of your overall brand. All of these steps help you solidify your brand, as well as your relationship, with your followers. Happy and engaged followers are more likely to use your services, support your business and recommend you to their friends.

The global pandemic has brought both physical and social media communities closer, leading to an increase in support for local businesses. This is a phenomenon that has been seen around the globe leading to the creation of a Glocal Community.

Glocal Community – 1. reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations.*Social Media Today

The global creation of local caremonger, homeschooling and cooking groups, as well as music events and tv watch parties, was quick and incredibly uplifting to see. Businesses and people quickly realized what they and their communities needed and worked to fill those needs. In a time of isolation, which could have been incredibly difficult, social media took the spotlight and brought people together in ways that they probably never imagined.

You could see the power of social media, and the communities within, at work every single day. Businesses pivoted and survived, families were fed, elderly looked after, kids were educated and all of us were supported and entertained. What we saw happen only solidifies the need for you to pay attention to your community, engage with them and appreciate them for being there for you. It also reaffirmed the need for you and your business to become a part of a the larger community as well.

COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while yet, and social media will only continue to grow in it’s importance. Take the time to engage with and build your community, but also seek out other groups that you feel a sense of camaraderie with and enjoy that sense of community for yourself, we all deserve that.

How are you building or engaging with your community online?

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