Heading into 2021 ……

Here we are heading into 2021, and we think most of us are ready for it to arrive. It is an understatement to say that many things changed in 2020, the global pandemic forced us to pivot and alter our lives in ways we never expected to. Social Media took on new roles as a not just a means of communication between friends and family, it became an even more integral part in how brands reached their customers and did business. Businesses had to make changes, but they also realized that the audience was changing as well.

2021 brings with it a social media audience whose priorities have changed. They are more aware of community, more socially conscious and more particular about the brands that they deal with. This change is how audiences think and behave brought about some new trends in social media, which we think will carry over into 2021. Checking in with some of our favourite blogs, Hubspot, SproutSocial and TalkWalker we have compiled a list of some social media trends that stood out to us, and we stick around in 2021.

Social Media Trends for 2021

A More Conversational Tone

We have always touted that marketing is no longer just about telling people about what you make or do, but why you do it. Our way of life has change due to the pandemic, and has made this even more true. Consumers are more aware of who they buy from or work with. Simple sales are no longer at the forefront, they want information, engagement and will be concerned with social issues. Having a “conversation” instead of just posting things or services for sale, will be key to how you plan your social media content.

Facebook Live Q&A sessions brings your audience into the conversation

Going Live

One way to spark these conversations, is to go live with your audience. Going live became necessary in 2020 as brands were forced to pivot events, conferences and more to live streaming. This trend will only continue to rise in 2021. Live streaming Q&A’s, new product releases, behind the scenes, tutorials and more will become even more important to the overall scheme of your social media content.


In conjunction with going live, video use increased in 2020 and looks to stay popular in 2021. Platforms are only increasing video capabilities, allowing you to up your video content game. Video allows you to dig a little deeper into a conversation, a more polished look at you and your brand. A nice compliment to the fun, on the spot conversations you can have while going live.

Less is More

2020 made us question whether people wanted to even hear about our new products and services. There was a shift to fewer posts, and when posts happened they were more mindful and thoughtful to what was happening in the world. The idea of “less is more” became a trend and will most likely carry through to the new year. Fewer posts, more thoughtful posts, more thoughtful partnerships, to showcase your brands true value system.

Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia marketing is the advertising equivalent of comfort food.hubspot.com

Cookie Monster for iPhone 6 & Bob Ross painting with Adobe Photoshop

2020 will maybe one day be looked upon with some sense of nostalgia. What it has done is made us nostalgic for the “good ole days” and 2021 marketing will reflect this. Nostalgia marketing connects a happy, positive emotions to your brand, gives it a sentimental boost, and when consumers are feeling good, they are more likely to buy into you and your brand.

“Snackable” Content

Okay this is a new term to us, and we love it! As social media attention spans continue to shrink, the use of short-form or “snackable” content such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook & Instagram Stories and Snapchat in 2020 only grew. The use of these memes, GIFS, quotes and infographics to share information on your brand, to catch the eye of all those scrolling through feeds will continue to be popular.


Shop straight from Instagram & Facebook Posts

The pandemic of 2020 forced just about every brand, maker, creator, instructor and business to offer online sales of some sort. Facebook Shop and Instagram Shoppable posts will become the new norm for many. Allowing your followers to purchase direct from a post, without having to redirect to a website or another platform will only increase your success.

Authenticity and a New Socially Conscious Audience

This year, as consumers and brands were faced with a global pandemic, uncertain financial situations were front and centre. Consumers need more than just great deals to trust, and spend there money on brands. They are looking for brands that they identify with as far as values, and are now, more than ever, socially conscious. With that in mind, brands will need to truly share their authentic self, their “human” side to connect with and keep their consumers.

We’ve almost made it through 2020, we know 2021 is still going to be different on many levels. Armed with some insight, some thoughts on what our audiences are going to be looking for and noticing, we should be able to navigate next year with little trouble.

What are some new trends that you noticed during 2020? Did you try something new that worked, or didn’t work so well? We’d love to hear about them.

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